PT Jasamarga Related Business

No. 7/2021

May 5, 2021

Jakarta, (5/5) – In order to obtain information about the benefits and potentials raised from the presence of the Trans Java Toll Road, the Solopos media team conducted a “Trans Java Toll Road Expedition” which took place from April 28, 2021 to 2 last May 2021.

On this occasion, the expedition team visited various locations that have great potential as a driving force for the economy around the Trans Java Toll Road, especially the rest area managed by PT Jasamarga Related Business (JMRB).

Director of Building and Facilities Management of PT JMRB Tita Paulina Purbasari said that the function of the Trans Java Toll Road, which stretches from Merak to Banyuwangi, is not just a means of inter-regional connectivity, but has opened up new economic growth opportunities for the cities it passes through. Including the role and function of rest areas along the Trans Java Toll Road.

“Both the Trans Java Toll Road and its rest areas, have had a huge impact on the community around the toll road. For example, the majority of tenants in the rest area managed by PT JMRB are local entrepreneurs or MSME actors,” explained Tita.

Tita added that the fulfillment tenants by local business actors and MSMEs is contained in the PUPR Ministerial Regulation No. 10/PRT/M/2018 concerning Rest and Service Areas (TIP), which states that at least every toll road rest area must contain 30% of SMEs and cooperatives in it.

“This is one of Jasa Marga Group’s ways to empower communities around rest areas or toll roads,” he said.

In addition to visiting rest areas, the Solopos Expedition Team also visited areas whose potential was raised due to the ease of infrastructure for the Trans Java Toll Road, such as the Batang Terpada (KIT), Setono Batik Market in Pekalongan, the Tegalsari Fish Landing Base (PPI), to tourism areas. such as Mount Bromo, and so on.

These areas are proof that the presence of the Trans Java Toll Road has a huge impact on the surrounding economy. In addition, an even greater impact is felt by the smoother flow of distribution of goods and services in order to move the country’s economy on a macro basis.


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