Jakarta, (29/6) – Three rest areas managed by PT Jasamarga Related Business (JMRB) are among the top five best Type A and Type B rest areas according to the Toll Road Regulatory Agency (BPJT).

Rest Area KM 88 A for the Cipularang section and Rest Area KM 519 A for the Solo-Ngawi section received a rank of 3 and 4 for the Type A category, respectively. Meanwhile, Rest Area KM 66 A for the Pandaan-Malang section received a rank 4 for the Type B category.

The assessment method used is Rank Order Centroid (ROC) which is based on the level of importance or priority of each criterion. The ROC technique gives weight to each criterion according to the ranking that is assessed based on the priority level.

The criteria assessed include indicators of the completeness of Minimum Service Standards (SPM) and main facilities, namely road conditions, toilets, vehicle parking, lighting, gas stations, places to eat and drink, places of worship, cleanliness, CCTV (security), toilets, and so on.

Director of Building and Facilities Management of PT JMRB Tita Paulina Purbasari appreciated this achievement. Even so, he stressed that the achievement given by BPJT should be a trigger so that the management and operation of the JMRB rest area can be optimized.


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