PT Jasamarga Related Business

No. 3/2021

March 8, 2021

Jakarta, (8/3) – In order to accelerate the transformation of the Jasa Marga Group and accelerate the Battery-Based Electric Motor Vehicle (KBLBB) program, PT Jasamarga Related Business (JMRB) supports the provision of Public Electric Vehicle Charging Stations ( SPKLU) in a number of rest areas it manages.

Currently, there are a total of four SPKLUs located in the rest areas managed by PT JMRB, namely Rest Area KM 207 A Palikanci Section, Rest Area KM 379 A Batang-Semarang Section, and Rest Area KM 519 A and KM 519 B Solo Section. -Ngawi.

Director of Commercial Business of PT JMRB Imad Zaky Mubarak said that he would continue to increase the number of SPKLU in rest areas managed by PT JMRB or by the PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk business group. In the near future, Zaky said, SPKLU will be present at Rest Area KM 389 B Batang-Semarang Section.

β€œThe provision SPKLU in the rest area aims to prepare facilities to support the implementation of Presidential Regulation No. 55 of 2019 concerning the Acceleration of the Battery-Based Electric Motor Vehicle Program for Road Transportation,” explained Zaky.

Zaky also added, to realize SPKLU , which is planned to be spread in all rest areas managed by PT JMRB infrastructure and facilities SPKLU.

“We continue to coordinate with PLN to present SPKLU in rest areas that we manage throughout Indonesia. That way, we hope that people will not hesitate to have electric-based vehicles,” he added.

availability SPKLU in the rest area is a form of PT JMRB to maximize services for toll road users, especially electric vehicle users. Previously, PT JMRB had also digitized the payment system in the rest area, thus allowing visitors to make non-cash transactions.

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