Batang, (25/12) – PT Jasamarga Related Business (JMRB) is the host of safety driving counseling for toll road users on the Batang-Semarang Toll Road section. The activity, which was initiated by a collaboration between the Jasa Marga Group and the Batang Police Laka Unit Team, was held at Rest Area Travoy 379A Batang-Semarang, Friday, (12/3).

In the counseling activity, PT Jasamarga Toll Road Operator (JMTO) participated in displaying supporting facilities and infrastructure for toll road services, including: rescue equipment, ambulance cars, as well as organizing demonstrations on the use of tools that are standard in handling accidents on toll roads. On that occasion, visitors were able to see first-hand a demo of the use of these tools.

In this counseling, Head of Regional Office III Central Java-1 PT JMRB, Bimo Esmunantyo emphasized the function of the rest area to minimize the number of accidents on toll roads. According to him, as a means of rest and service, the rest area becomes a stopover area for toll road users who experience fatigue.

β€œIn the rest area, drivers can rest or check the condition of their vehicles. In addition to the driver’s condition, which must be prime, the vehicle’s worthiness is also a major factor in safety on toll roads,” said Bimo.

In addition to Region III, the safety driving event was also held at the Rest Area Travoy 519 B Solo-Ngawi, on Friday, (12/24). Here, safety driving is initiated by PT Jasamarga Solo Ngawi (JSN) as the manager of the Solo-Ngawi toll road. This activity is intended to provide an appeal to toll road users to always be vigilant when traveling.

Head of Region IV Central Java-2 Dondy Dwi Susanto said PT JMRB as the manager of the rest area will continue to prioritize maximum service to all rest area visitors.

“We will remain committed to continuing to prioritize comfort for all toll road users when visiting the rest area on the Solo-Ngawi Section, considering that the rest area is a place for toll road users to rest for a while after a long journey,” said Dondy.


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