PT Jasamarga Related Business

No. 4/2021

March 18, 2021

Jakarta, (18/3) – PT Jasamarga Related Business (JMRB) is intensively developing the area in the toll road corridor or Toll Corridor Development (TCD). This time, PT JMRB cooperated with PT Perintis Triniti Properti Tbk. (Triniti Land) to develop property areas around toll roads. This cooperation is stated in a memorandum of understanding signed by the president directors of each party, Jakarta, Thursday (18/3).

PT JMRB President Director Cahyo Satrio Prakoso said this cooperation was motivated by the potential possessed by the toll road, including the area around it. According to Cahyo, toll roads have enormous potential both from an economic and business perspective, in addition to their main function as connectivity infrastructure.

“Seeing the great potential of the area around the toll road, at this time we (JMRB) continue to intensively develop TCD. One of them is by establishing strategic partnerships,” explained Cahyo.

Furthermore, Cahyo hopes that the collaboration with Triniti Land can have a significant impact on the development of TCD which is the focus of PT JMRB. Moreover, said Cahyo, TCD is expected to become a driving force for the economy, especially for the community around the toll road, as mandated by PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk. as the holdings.

On the other hand, Triniti Land’s President Director Ishak Candra said the collaboration with PT JMRB was a strategic step for both parties to optimize the area around toll roads, especially in the property sector.

“This collaboration also regulates the plans of Triniti Land and PT JMRB to synergize with each other and prepare everything related to the development of property areas around toll roads,” said Ishak.

The development of TCD is the latest line of business being carried out by PT JMRB. This is in line with PT JMRB’s vision to continue to be a leading and trusted leader in the field of regional development innovation and prospective businesses along toll roads in Indonesia. Meanwhile, Triniti Land is an experienced property developer who has produced the best property works spread across a number of areas


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