Sragen, (19/11) – In order to realize Green Toll Road and Green Rest Area, PT Jasamarga Related Business (JMRB) through Regional Office (Kanwil) IV Central Java 2 together with Kodim 0725/Sragen planted 100 flamboyant and jamblang trees in Rest Area Area KM 519 B and Rest Area KM 575 A Solo-Ngawi Section.

The regional head of PT JMRB Kanwil IV Central Java 2 Dondy Susanto said that planting trees in the rest area is a program carried out by PT JMRB on an ongoing basis.

“The tree planting activity carried out with the Sragen Kodim is carried out as a form of commitment and responsibility of the Jasa Marga Group, especially PT JMRB, in protecting the environment,” said Dondy.

The tree planting activity in the rest area managed by PT JMRB is a sustainable program, which involves stakeholders, including tenants, communities around the rest area, and other agencies.


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