PT Jasamarga Related Business

No. 2/2021

February 8, 2021

Jakarta, (8/2) – In the context of developing the area in the Jakarta-Cikampek Selatan Toll Road (Japek Selatan) corridor, PT Jasamarga Related Business (JMRB) is collaborating with PT Sentraloka Adyabuana. The cooperation between the two is stated in a memorandum of understanding signed at the Jagorawi Building, East Jakarta, Thursday (8/2).

President Director of PT JMRB Cahyo Satrio Prakoso said that this cooperation was a strategic first step in developing areas in the toll road corridor, or Toll Corridor Development (TCD) in the Jakarta-Cikampek South Toll Road Section. As is known, said Cahyo, the South Japek Toll Road will be a strategic route for the mobilization of goods and services between Greater Jakarta and West Java Province.

“As a route that completes the JORR 1, JORR 2, Cipularang, and Purbaleunyi toll road networks, the South Japek Toll Road will be able to increase economic growth and regional development such as industrial areas, housing estates, tourist areas and so on in the toll road corridor. We will develop this potential with PT Sentraloka Adyabuana,” explained Cahyo.

Furthermore, Cahyo said that the area of ​​211 hectares in the South Japek Toll Road corridor managed by PT Sentraloka Adyabuana will be developed into a smart industrial area, which combines commercial and logistics areas. PT Sentraloka Adyabuana itself is an experienced industrial estate developer. Together with a Japanese company, PT Sumitomo Indonesia, PT Sentraloka Adyabuana has developed the East Jakarta Industrial Park or EJIP.

In line with Cahyo, Director of PT Sentraloka Adyabuana Fadel Muhammad stated that the cooperation with PT JMRB is a form of asset optimization that can generate even greater economic potential.

“After this, we will examine the potentials and competencies possessed by each party, of course, still prioritizing the principle of feasibility and mutual benefit, especially for the interests of the nation and state,” he explained. PT JMRB has carried out a series of collaborations with various stakeholders regarding the development of TCD and Transit-Oriented Development (TOD). The development of the area around the toll road is a business line that is being developed by PT JMRB to optimize the potentials of the toll roads managed by the Jasa Marga Group.


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