Ngawi, (11/2) – In order to make Jasa Marga Green Toll Road a success, PT Jasamarga Solo Ngawi (JSN) collaborated with PT JMRB to plant 2,022 trees in the Travoy Rest Area managed by PT JMRB, Friday (11/2) ).

Trees were planted in Rest Area Travoy 575A and 575B Solo-Ngawi Section. Plt. Head of Region IV (Central Java 2) PT JMRB Dondy Susanto said tree planting activities would be a sustainable program in other Travoy rest areas.

“We will cooperate with a number of parties to carry out reforestation activities in the rest area. This is the focus of Region IV for this year,” explained Dondy.

The types of trees planted in this activity are Tabebuya trees, with a distribution of: 1,022 trees in Rest Area Travoy 575A, and 1,000 trees in Rest Area Travoy 575B.

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