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No. 1/2021

January 29, 2021

Jakarta, (29/01) – After inaugurating the mosque in Rest Area KM 88A Cipularang Section in December last year, now PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk. again inaugurated a number of mosque rest areas on toll roads managed by the Jasa Marga Group, at the Jasa Marga Head Office, East Jakarta, Friday, (29/01). Virtually a number of rest area mosques which were inaugurated by Jasa Marga President Director Subakti Syukur, are located in 12 rest area points spread throughout Indonesia.

There is also a list of mosques that were inaugurated as follows:

  1. Sabiilul Istiqomah Mosque in Rest Area KM 379 A Batang-Semarang Section;
    1. Sabiilun Najwa Mosque in Rest Area KM 389 B Batang-Semarang Section;
    2. Sabiilun Najah in Rest Area KM 391 A Batang-Semarang Section;
    3. Nurul Jannah Mosque in Rest Area KM 519 A Solo-Ngawi Section;
    4. Nurul Bayan Mosque in Rest Area KM 519 B Solo-Ngawi Section;
    5. Nurul Hidayah Mosque in Rest Area KM 575 A Solo-Ngawi Section;
    6. Al-Ghoddi Mosque in Rest Area KM 575 B Solo-Ngawi Section;
    7. Ar Rahman Mosque in Rest Area KM 66 A Pandaan-Malang Section;
    8. Al Muhajirin Mosque in Rest Area KM 36 A Balikpapan-Samarinda Section;
    9. At-Taqwa Mosque in Rest Area KM 36 B Balikpapan-Samarinda Section;
    10. Ar-Rahman Mosque in Rest Area KM 65 A, Kualanamu-Tebing Tinggi Section, and;
    11. ArRahiim in Rest Area KM 65 B Kualanamu-Tebing Tinggi Section.

    On this occasion, Subakti said that the presence of the mosque is certainly very beneficial for the people and the surrounding environment, especially for toll road users who want to stop for worship and take a break in the middle of their journey. The mosque is an important element for services in the rest area, because it is a much needed facility as a means of worship for Muslims and Muslim women.

    “With the construction of these mosques, hopefully it can increase comfort and solemnity in worship, prosper and be noble by the congregation, as well as increase the blessings of our business and services to the community, both services on toll roads and in rest areas,” said Subakti.

    Subakti added that with the completion of 12 new mosques in this rest area, good cooperation from many parties is needed. This illustrates that the synergy that exists in all elements under the auspices of the Jasa Marga Group is running well.

    “I also appreciate and congratulate the success and excellent partnership between PT Jasamarga Related Business (JMRB) as a subsidiary of Jasa Marga which is trusted to manage the rest area, with the Regional Division and Subsidiary of the Jasa Marga Group Toll Road in developing and rest area management,” he added.

    Similarly, the President Director of PT JMRB Cahyo Satrio Prakoso explained that the mosque is one of the facilities in the rest area visited by the majority of visitors. Moreover, explained Cahyo, the operating hours in the rest area do not recognize holidays, so the mosque will always be visited by worshipers for 24 hours.

    “That way, I hope that these mosques will always be glorified, and can provide benefits and blessings for Jasa Marga Group, especially for toll road users who are our main ‘partners’,” hoped Cahyo.

    During this pandemic, Cahyo ensures that rest areas, including mosques, which are under the management of PT JMRB and Jasa Marga Group always implement health protocols, to ensure safety and comfort for visitors. The health protocols implemented include providing hand sanitizers and hand washing facilities at a number of points, limiting the distance between tables, chairs and queues, as well as carrying out regular cleaning. Especially for mosques, the health protocols implemented include limiting the distance between staff, placing hand sanitizers and hand washing soap, as well as removing carpets and other worship equipment, so that congregants are encouraged to bring personal worship equipment.

    As a valid form of completing the 12 rest area mosques, Subakti signed the inscription on the stone which was also carried out virtually and broadcast online through Jasa Marga’s channels. Furthermore, the new mosques can be used optimally by toll road users, while still implementing health protocols during this pandemic.


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