Jakarta, (17/1) – As a series of commemoration of the 9th anniversary, PT Jasamarga Related Business (JMRB) held a virtual thanksgiving event, Monday (17/1). In this event, the Board of Directors of PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk., the Board of Commissioners of PT JMRB, and the Board of Directors of PT JMRB were also present.

President Director of Jasa Marga, Subakti Syukur, who gave a speech said that PT JMRB as a subsidiary of Jasa Marga, is expected to continue to have a positive impact on the parent’s income from the non-toll road business. He also advised PT JMRB to continue to innovate related to area development in toll road corridors, and not to forget services for toll road users, in this case services at rest areas managed by PT JMRB.

“Hopefully PT JMRB can continue to improve its performance in building prospective businesses and optimizing business development along toll road corridors. I also hope that in the future, PT JMRB will become more professional and innovative in carrying out its business activities,” Subakti hoped.

On this occasion, the President Director of PT JMRB Cahyo Satrio Prakoso expressed his gratitude to all parties who have always supported PT JMRB so far, especially the Jasa Marga Group. In addition, Cahyo emphasized the importance of solid cooperation and collaboration between units within the PT JMRB organization, for future progress.

β€œThe age of nine is a place of self-reflection for PT JMRB. This nine year old, God willing, will make PT JMRB more mature, by contributing to the Jasa Marga Group. And at this age, we will continue to learn to explore potential, and establish synergies with strategic partners,” said Cahyo.

At the age of 9, PT JMRB has undergone many transformations, both in terms of organization and business lines. To date, PT JMRB has also strengthened its main business lines, namely the development and management of rest areas, asset management, commercial services, and regional development.


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